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Long-term commitment to delivering for customers

Over the last 65 years we have built a strong reputation for supplying the very highest quality acrylic polymers to the dental market. Today we have a comprehensive range of Colacryl® and Lucite® branded products and are committed to developing our knowledge and understanding of the sector so we can continue to lead with tailored solutions that deliver performance certainty to our customers.

Close and confidential relationships that count

Working with global market leaders and academic communities specialising in orthodontics, we have established close and confidential relationships that support the development of groundbreaking solutions to the challenges that are arising from our developing world. A growing, ageing population, increasing affluence and changing lifestyles all contribute to the challenges faced by dental practitioners on a daily basis.

Quality assured in all that we do

Close control of particle size, molecular weight and chemical composition combined with product traceability and compliance to the current REACH legislation, are all factors that contribute to the performance success of our Colacryl® and Lucite® polymers. We meet the rigorous standards of the quality management systems required by the European Medical Devices Directive and are currently registered to the design standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and Regulatory Standard EN ISO 13485:2003.

Colacryl® and Lucite® solutions backed by experience

Established in the dental market since 1945, we lead with our knowledge and experience of acrylic polymers in this application. In addition to developing new products tailored to your needs, we have established a comprehensive range that includes:

  • Heat cure denture polymers

    - a range of performance characteristics with the flexibility to be fast or slow cured without porosity

  • Auto-polymerising polymers

    - for full and partial dentures, repairs and relines with a non-yellowing option

  • Tooth polymers

    - medium to high molecular weights that can be modified with our Allyl Methacrylates to enhance cross linking

  • Orthodontic polymers

    - characterised by close control of particle size, free flow and rapid absorption of dental liquid

  • Specialist applications

    - covering crown and bridge polymers, tray polymers, chair-side relign polymers and ear mould polymers


Heat cure denture polymers

Colacryl® D80 FC, is a high clarity, porosity free polymer, which can be fast or slow cured.

Colacryl® PD-11 shares the same performance characteristics of D80 FC and has both faster dough and longer working times.

Colacryl® PD-12 can be free-dosed and has a longer work time.

Colacryl® HS2100 is a high impact polymer which builds on the attributes of D80 FC and can be fast or slow cured.

All four polymers can be used with the same dental liquids.


Auto-polymerising polymers

Colacryl® D1-120, is our standard product used in the UK and US markets for repair. It can be used for relines and additions to existing dentures and has a very fast cure time.

Colacryl® TS2027 can be used for repairs, relines and additions to existing dentures. It produces a high clarity prosthesis and sets after a short curing cycle.

Colacryl® TS2073 can be free dosed with no gypsum effect and can be used for repairs, relines and full or partial dentures. It is ready for use immediately after mixing and can be formulated with barbituric acid, rather than the standard amine curing redox system, to prevent yellowing. Heat and cold cure systems are available.


Tooth polymers

Colacryl® D150 is our standard tooth polymer. It has a high molecular weight and offers outstanding strength.

Colacryl® D150FC has a higher molecular weight for added strength and can be used on its own or cross-linked with Allyl Methacrylate for the enamel and dentine.

Colacryl® DP300 U has the highest moledular weight for optimising cured strength while retaining normal handling properties.

Colacryl® TS1554 is used in the production of IPN type teeth and contains a cross-link. It can be used for both the body and enamel of the tooth. Modifying the cross-linking density can be achieved by varying the level of EGDMA in the liquid used in the body or the enamel.


Orthodontic polymers

Our orthodontic polymer, Colacryl® TS1794/2, has a closely controlled particle size for both spray and dough techniques with a fast curing time. It is designed for accurate powder flow and good clarity with slump resistance.


Specialist applications

Temporary crown and bridge polymers

Colacryl® TS1326 is our standard product, which can be made quickly for chair-side temporary crowns.

Colacryl® TS1836 provides a more ‘permanent’ crown than Colacryl® TS1326 and is a more economic alternative to a porcelain crown.

Colacryl® TS2084 is used in conjunction with Colacryl® TS1502 liquid which can be modified with cross-linking monomers to further increase the hardness of the crown.

Tray polymers

This range consists of two polymer/liquid systems that are used to create custom impression trays. Colacryl® TS1215/1 is used in conjunction with Colacryl® TS1421 liquid for a faster curing time. Colacryl® TS1278 used with Colacryl® TS1277 liquid allows a prolonged working time.

Chair-side reline polymers

Colacryl® TS1498 used with Colacryl® TS1498 liquid produces a soft, flexible temporary chair side reline solution.

Colacryl® TS1364/1 combined with Colacryl® TS2023 liquid produces a tissue conditioner gel for cushioning existing or new dentures following trauma or surgery.

Ear mould polymer

Colacryl® TS1742 is used for the production of the earpieces in hearing aids and provides flexibility and comfort for the user.

Talk to us

We know that the challenges of our customers are constantly changing to meet the needs of a developing world. If you have a particular requirement, talk to us in confidence and we will bring our experience and technical know-how to determine a way forward.