Specialist Dental Applications


Specialist Applications


Temporary crown and bridge polymers

Colacryl® TS1326 is our standard product, which can be made quickly for chair-side temporary crowns.

Colacryl® TS1836 provides a more ‘permanent’ crown than Colacryl® TS1326 and is a more economic alternative to a porcelain crown.

Colacryl® TS2084 is used in conjunction with Colacryl® TS1502 liquid which can be modified with cross-linking monomers to further increase the hardness of the crown.

Tray polymers

This range consists of two polymer/liquid systems that are used to create custom impression trays. Colacryl® TS1215/1 is used in conjunction with Colacryl® TS1421 liquid for a faster curing time.

Colacryl® TS1278 used with Colacryl® TS1277 liquid allows a prolonged working time.

Chair-side reline polymers

Colacryl® TS1498 used with Colacryl® TS1498 liquid produces a soft, flexible temporary chair side reline solution.

Colacryl® TS1364/1 combined with Colacryl® TS2023 liquid produces a tissue conditioner gel for cushioning existing or new dentures following trauma or surgery.

Ear mould polymer

Colacryl® TS1742 is used for the production of the earpieces in hearing aids and provides flexibility and comfort for the user.

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