Akripol chooses acrylic


Akripol chooses acrylic


Akripol has been buying MMA from Lucite international (LI) for many years. It uses the MMA to manufacture acrylic sound barriers – branded Aglas, which are position at the side of roads and motorways to offer safety and protection.


In a recent project, Akripol supplied sound barriers for the Vejle Fjord Broen in Denmark.

The qualities of Aglas meant that the product met all of the stringent technical requirements – particularly thicknesses and dimensional tolerances – for reinforced and non-reinforced cast acrylic sheet. The company was also able to offer edge-polishing expertise and to produce the total scheme in a very short time frame.

Acrylic is now replacing tempered glass for sound barriers as it outperforms it in so many ways. Acrylic has exceptional light transmission and is lighter weight making transportation, handling, fitting and maintenance easier. It is highly transparent, which means that drivers feel seamlessly connected to the environment, rather than being cut off from it. It is highly resistant to weathering, which means it retains its good looks for longer. And, there are just so many aesthetics that can be achieved easily by custom designing and processing the acrylic sheets to suit any particular installation.