East meets West


East meets West


Bringing together Chinese customer, fabricator and Tongji university design talent to exhibit at Milan’s prestigious furniture show.


Salone Internazionale dei Mobile is the event of the global furniture industry. This year the world-famous show held in the design capital of Milan, Italy, celebrated 50 years of inspiring home, work and leisure spaces with amazing furniture, lighting, accessories and more. And Lucite International was there to exhibit the work of talented design students from the university of Tongji in Shanghai, made possible with acrylic cast sheet supplied by loyal customer, RayChung and with the support of fabricator Sanbo.

In Europe, and increasingly in the US, acrylic has become established as a respected, highly creative material for fashion, furniture and accessories. This is largely because of its wonderful properties – the infinite range of colours and effects, light transparency, formability and strength.

However, in China acrylic is much less well known. Seeing the opportunities from a global perspective, the Lucite International team in China was keen to test some of the ideas that have resulted from working locally with university design departments at an established event in the presence of an international community. Designers from Tongji University developed a stand with the theme ‘明•Yi’ (the Chinese word ‘明’ means ancient Ming dynasty and transparency while ‘Yi’ means easy movement). The aim was to communicate the idea that a modern, progressive material like acrylic can bring a whole new dimension to an ancient style of furniture.

The exhibits were all based on Ming dynasty designs and included the ‘An’, ‘Ming Chair’ and ‘Geo’. RayChung made the 40mm thick acrylic sheets, which were supplied to a fabricator, Shanghai Sanbo, who created the finished pieces. The acrylic was used innovatively with different woods and metal and attracted lots of attention from designers and manufacturers at the exhibition.

Each piece of furniture was handcrafted, which really showed off the integrity and great design flexibility of acrylic. Being present at the show confirm that power of partnering – great design, excellent sheet, manufactured and delivered for the right price, gives us a winning formula to compete in the global market.