Methacrylate Monomers: Case Studies – By Royal Appointment




By Royal Appointment

A British duo, Kevin Self and Jamie Hale have built a reputation for stretching the creative opportunities of Perspex® for many years and their leading edge work is well recognized in the field of contemporary design. So, when their new business, Self & Hale, approached us for support in providing material for prototypes for two bespoke ranges of furniture we were keen to get involved. Now these prototypes have been launched in the form of two contrasting styles of furniture; clean cut, minimalist Shaker and William and Mary antique-inspired. Hale comments: “Our brand aims to show our craft in a material where there’s no hiding place. The translucency of Perspex® is water-clear and it is just so versatile. Self & Hale are used to working with celebrities and now their clients include royalty! Buckingham Palace has recently commissioned plinths to display statues and the company created a beautifully crafted table as a gift to celebrate Prince Philip’s 90th birthday in 2011.

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