Methacrylate Monomers: Case Studies – Gold Medal Winning Perspex




Gold Medal Winning Perspex®

A range of innovative holders for drinks glasses and bottles that are specially designed and made from Perspex® to allow safe use of glassware on yachts has won a Gold Medal of Excellence award at Inpex 2012 in Pittsburg USA. Called Yacht Class, the range of products was designed and made by Croatia-based Poslovni interes d.o.o.

The holders for glasses and bottles made from Perspex® are easy to set in position and move when required. Small silicon pads ensure that the holders are attached securely to the yacht’s surfaces, thereby preventing the glassware from sliding and breaking. Different colours of Perspex® including both opaque and tinted black and brown, applied with a matt foil floral inspired pattern for decoration have been used across the extensive range of holders that accommodate wine, champagne and whisky glasses as well as decanters, ice buckets and more. The holders are finished with high quality steel posts to complete the luxury look.

Perspex® was supplied to Poslovni interes d.o.o by Lucite International’s distributor in Croatia, Sampos, a company that has become associated with innovation and service excellence and whose people are always looking for new ideas and encouraging customers to work creatively with Perspex®. The international jury presented the Gold Medal award in recognition of the innovation that Yacht Class brings to the safe use of glassware while sailing.

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