Methacrylate Monomers: Case Studies – New Generation Traffic Signs


New generation traffic signs

Until now, the use of acrylic light boxes in super-large signs has been impossible, essentially because of wind resistance and other external issues. Now, KMC (part of Lucite International in Taiwan) has led a project to successfully develop an ultra slim, extra large 5m x 5m traffic sign, based on an acrylic light box with an internal frame that is able to withstand winds up to scale 16 (51-56m/sec). It has also developed a light homogenizing technique to overcome the uneven illumination problem commonly seen in traditional light boxes. It has taken two years since the initial concept and countless experiments involving a seamless adhesive method and calculated light arrangements to achieve the new traffic signs, which offer a number of advantages. For instance, when combined with a LED light source, the acrylic sheet can help overcome the problems of eye discomfort and fragmented characters associated with intercalated LED traffic signs. And with the addition of a solar panel, the traffic sign instantly becomes a zero carbon emissions, power-saving device. The signs also provide clear directions both day and night, greatly reducing drivers’ ‘eyes-off-the-road time’, which can significantly improve road safety. In terms of installation and maintenance, its modular design makes the signs very easy to handle.