Methacrylate Monomers: Advertising and Visual Communications


Advertising and Visual Communications

Corporate Identity

Lucite International has built a strong reputation for helping brands project their identity with consistency and quality all over the world. With excellent performance characteristics in demanding environments and in all weather conditions, our acrylic products can be colour matched to any shade in the spectrum and are guaranteed to be identical in colour, thickness and translucency at any site in the world.

Display POS/POP and Advertising

Used by some of the world’s leading brands to create award-winning displays and point of sale/purchase units, Lucite International’s acrylics provide designers and fabricators with the ultimate creative flexibility. They are available in a wide range of colours and effects and are lightweight yet safe, strong, UV and scratch resistant, and easy to cut and process into a finished piece.

Museum casings

Our Museum UV Max grade acrylic sheet offers maxim protection to precious photographs, artworks and exhibits by filtering out 98% of damaging UV light. The sheet is easy to fabricate into high quality casing, which provides excellent optical clarity to museum and gallery visitors.

Recognition awards

In the USA, winning a ‘Lucite’ has become known as a mark of achievement, particularly among the city trading community. The name comes from our branded product for this application – LuciteĀ®. Our range of pure acrylic embedment resin can be cast into any shape or form to create crystal clear recognition awards that exude quality.


A combination of high performance characteristics – especially excellent UV resistance and durability – and a wide range of colours that can be matched to any specification make our acrylics ideal for all kinds of signage. Both internal and external, with or without illumination, signs made from our branded products continue to win awards and give great visibility and consistency of message.