Methacrylate Monomers: Architectural and Construction


Architectural and Construction

Aquaria and structural panels

Some of the world’s biggest and most impressive aquaria and marine centres feature viewing panels that are cast from our monomers and specialty resins. These vast, monolithic panels, which are up to 35cm (14″) thick and 9.5m (31′) long, are super strong and resistant to abrasive action. Above all, they provide superior, pure optical clarity to ensure the best possible experience for viewers. Similar principles and manufacturing techniques can be applied to the creation of all weather structural panels for pavilions and other in- and outdoor buildings.


Elvakon® and TufCoat(R) acrylic polymers are available in a wide range of colours, aesthetics and gloss levels for use in cladding installations on many kinds of buildings. The co-extruded surfaces provide outstanding impact, chemical and UV resistance and outdoor weather performance, which means they retain their high quality appearance for longer.

Door and window profiles

Elvakon® and TufCoat(R) acrylic polymers have built an established reputation for use in high performing door panels and window and door profiles all over the world. Available in a wide range of colours and different levels of gloss finishes, the co-extruded surfaces provide outstanding impact, chemical and UV resistance as well as excellent performance in all weather conditions.

Door canopies and balustrades

Our branded polymers are use to create elegant yet functional balustrades and door canopies in a range of colours and aesthetic effects. Easy to process and with outstanding UV and weather performance they ensure a high quality appearance for these special building features. Many of our acrylic sheet products are also suitable for use in these and other architectural features.


Lucite International supplies both branded acrylic polymers and sheet products in a great range of colours and effects into this important application, which now encompasses an LED offer. Easy processing using injection and blow moulding, extrusion as well as intricate fabrication techniques combine with excellent optical and light transmission properties and heat, chemical and impact resistance to give designers and maufacturers the ultimate flexibility.


Our branded acrylic sheet products are available in an infinite array of contemporary and traditional colours and effects, which gives architects, specifiers and interior designer creative freedom when it comes to partitioning spaces. High performance characteristics, such as impact, abrasion and UV resistance ensure the structures withstand wear and tear even in the busiest locations.


Lucite International’s EcoShade IR reflective acrylic features an innovative component distributed uniformly throughout the cast sheet, which effectively reduces the heat typically transmitted through windows and skylights. The benefits include lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact and great aesthetics.

Solid surfaces

Acrylic is a high performing, extremely hardwearing materials that is resistant to UV light and chemicals yet warm to the touch and easy to mould, thermoform and fabricate into solid sheet and shapes, which makes it a flexible solution for solid surfaces for both domestic and contract environments. The pure, colourless nature of Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resins makes them an ideal base for dyes and fillers to give designers creative freedom.

Sound barriers

Optical clarity and the highest performance in all weather conditions, make our acrylic sheet products the ideal choice for sound barrier installations alongside motorway systems.