Methacrylate Monomers: Audio visual


Audio visual

LCD screens and monitors

Some of the worlds best known electronics brands use screens made from polymer based on our MMA as a key building block. In addition, Elvacite(R) and Lucite(R) resins are used in very small quantities in a mix with the MMA to help control shrinkage and viscosity within the casting syrups.

Mobile phone screens

Easy processability, excellent optical clarity, high light transmission, toughness and high scratch and impact resistance make Diakon(R) polymers a suitable material for mobile phone screens. Our Elvacite(R) branded acrylic resins are used as a surface coating to improve abrasion and alcohol resistance.

TV and video equipment fascia

Our branded Diakon® acrylic polymers are used extensively for the manufacture of electrical equipment display and infra red transmitter/receiver windows. Special infra red transmitting colour formulations are also available