Methacrylate Monomers: Automotive and Transport


Automotive and Transport


Perspex(R) cast acrylic is now being used to create interior accessories for yachts and sailing boats. The innovative holders can be used for wine, champagne and whisky glasses as well as decanters, ice buckets and other bar and table items. The holders are fitted with silicon pads to ensure secure fixing to surfaces, which prevent the glassware from moving while sailing. Perspex is strong, can be cut and finished into shapes easily and it is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to fit with any interior design scheme.

Caravan windows

Thermoformed acrylic sheet is now used almost exclusively for caravan window glazing where the requirements for light weight materials that are safe, easy to process and perform in all weathers are met. The German Transport Regulations (ABG) has accredited some grades and thicknesses for use in roof lights and side and rear vehicle and caravan windows. Lucite International’s Diakon® acrylic polymers, which offer similar performance qualities, are also used in this application.


The properties of acrylic coatings make them ideal for automotive topcoats and refinishing, where they provide a rich gloss effect as well as protection from mechanical and chemical attack. The move to meet increasingly stringent environmental needs means the market is moving towards water-based solid coatings and a greater use of MMA.

Interior and exterior trim

Our Elvakon® and Diakon(R) polymers are well established in the automotive industry, where they are used to create interior and exterior panels, trim, bumpers, fenders and other moulded parts. Excellent surface hardness, UV and abrasion resistance coupled with their deep colour and high gloss or matt options are key qualities. Our Elvacite® resins are also used as part of exterior films that are thermoformed into similar automotive components.

Light covers

Diakon® polymers have met extensive automotive industry approvals for use in exterior rear and indicator light covers and for interior light covers and fascia. They provide excellent optical clarity, light transmission and colour accuracy. They are easy to process and create hard surfaces that withstand continuous exposure to wear and tear.


Diakon® and Elvakon® polymers are easily moulded into shapes that are tough and resistant to damage from constant exposure to all weathers. They are suitable for the creation of large, roof top storage containers that must be strong, UV resistant and secure from external physical and environmental impact.

Windshields: motorcycle, non-military, aviation, helicopter, recreational

Our Optical grade acrylic sheet products are used for clear and tinted motorcycle, non-military aviation, helicopter, and recreational vehicle windshields. They are much lighter than glass yet they offer double impact resistance, uniform thickness tolerances and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. Optical grade has excellent weatherability and can be easily cut, sawn, machined, thermoformed and cemented.