Methacrylate Monomers: Health




Newborn babies require the best possible care and protection. Basinettes made from our acrylic have ultra smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and stay cleaner for longer.


Whether they are used inside hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices or research laboratories cabinets made using acrylic from Lucite International offer high quality storage that is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Cosmetic packaging

Our Diakon® acrylic polymers are chosen by some of the world’s top brands to create innovative packing solutions in a variety of transparent, translucent, opaque or custom colours. Suitable for easy injection moulding and extrusion, they have good thermal stability and can be processed to create thick section parts, which are common in cosmetics packaging. Special formulations for improved mould release and plastification are available.


Since 1945, we have been designing Colacryl® acrylic polymers for dental applications that are tailored precisely to our customers’ needs. From heat cure denture polymers, auto-polymerisable polymers for full and partial dentures, repairs and relines to orthodontic polymers characterised by close control of particle size, free flow and rapid absorption of dental liquid, our products come with the very best range of performance qualities.


Excellent transparency and optical clarity, UV resistance and surface hardness coupled with good chemical resistance make Diakon® acrylic polymers ideally suited for the manufacture of disposable medical diagnostics. Blood cuvette, drug testing device and laboratory equipment manufacturers benefit from easy processing, purity of material, good dimensional stability and excellent bonding capability with itself and other polymers.


Lucite International’s Colacryl® acrylic resins are used by global leaders in the field of bone cement where consistent, high performance is paramount. Using our knowledge and experience, which we began to develop in 1945, we work with researchers, manufacturers and surgeons to continuously improve our bespoke formulations to ensure we stay at the leading edge of this important sector.


From reading, camera, binocular and Fresnel lenses to theatre lights and LED collimators, our Diakon(R) polymers are chosen for their excellent optical clarity, and easy processing qualities. High flow consistency coupled with excellent mouldability allows the creation of complex lens patterns and structures from the injection moulding tools.