Methacrylate Monomers: Interiors and Household Goods


Interiors and Household Goods

Appliance parts and control panel fascia

Our branded Diakon(R) acrylic polymers are used extensively for the manufacture of electronic equipment display and infra red transmitter/receiver windows found in many household appliances. Surface hardness and scratch resistance are important performance qualities where repeat high-use is a factor. Special infra red transmitting colour formulations are also available.


Designers and fabricators the world over love to work with our acrylic products because they know that they have the perfect combination of high performing characteristics and beautiful aesthetics in the form of colours, effects and special finishes to choose from. From tables in ultra thick clear acrylic to etched frost consoles and chairs in all shapes and sizes, furniture made from our high quality acrylic will add style to any interior.

Gift and tableware

Whether it is our Perspex®, LuciteLux® or Moden Glas® acrylic sheet products for photo frames, occasional storage, table mats and other home-wear, or our Diakon® and Perspex® polymers for injection moulding into salt and pepper mills, salad bowls and servers and even chess pieces to play with, Lucite International’s acrylic products are given as gifts and find their way into people’s homes all over the world.

Kitchen sinks

Our branded acrylic composites are well established in the Asia Pacific region for use in contemporary kitchen sinks and worktops. Asterite® kitchen sink grade is outstandingly tough, anti-slip and resistant to impact while Avron® can be colour-matched and joined seamlessly with the sink to create a beautiful solid surface. Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resins, which require ambient curing systems and have shorter cycle times and lower cost moulds are the preferred choice of material with customers in our EMEA region.


From conventional back-lit standard acrylic sheet to more specialised our Edge Lighting Solutions, a range that allows the creation of elegant, slim and energy efficient lighting products for displays, lit shelving, surfaces and illuminated signs, we have lighting covered. Using patented technology and the superior light transmission qualities inherent in our acrylic sheet, the Edge Lighting Solutions range offers a unique combination of superb even illumination, cool slim profiles and up to 50% reduced energy consumption compared to traditional back lit systems. Our Diakon(R) and Perspex(R) polymers are also used extensively for injection and blow moulded lighting for both interior and exterior use.


Decorative paints made using our MMA and Elvacite® acrylic resins are used to coat interior and exterior surfaces of buildings all over the world. Pure acrylic formulations are increasingly used for their superior durability and UV resistance, which differentiates them from competitive products. Today’s paints are primarily environmentally-friendly waterborne emulsions.

Worktops and surfaces

Acrylic is a high performance, extremely hardwearing material that is resistant to UV light and chemicals yet warm to the touch and easy to mould, thermoform and fabricate into solid sheet and shapes, which makes it a flexible solution for solid surfaces for both domestic and contract installations. The pure, colourless nature of Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resins makes them an ideal base for dyes and fillers to give designers creative freedom. Our branded acrylic composites for the Asia Pacific region, Asterite® and Avron®, are pre-formulated liquid dispersions, which are easily cast into complex shapes in a variety of colours and effects that appeal to designers and consumers alike.