Materials Technologies


Materials Technologies


Manufacturing Excellence delivers superior product and service offer
Lucite International has a rich heritage of world-class manufacturing, which is underpinned by our philosophy of ‘going further’. All our operations are managed using the framework of our own Manufacturing Excellence program, a rigorous, live system that drives progress against our aim of continuous improvement. Manufacturing Excellence is used alongside other business programs to ensure we deliver:

  • High quality, consistent and reliable products that meet customers’ needs
  • Efficiencies that minimise our impact on the environment
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support
  • Flexibility to tailor our product and service offer to customers’ requirements
  • An evolving product range where innovation and creativity are key.


  • The Polymer process

    Our injection moulding and extrusion polymers are made via the very flexible suspension polymerization process, which means we can produce a wide variety of PMMA based products across a diverse range of end uses. Consistent quality ensures that our products meet the most demanding customer and application requirements.

    Committed to working in close partnership with our customers, we have a track record of continuous process improvement, supply chain flexibility and innovation, which enables us to satisfy new customer and application needs in a rapidly changing world.

  • The Resins process

    Our resins products are produced to the highest quality standards, using suspension polymerization technology to produce precise spherical beads of functionalized methacrylate polymers ranging in size from 30 to 600 microns. They are ideally suited for dissolving in solvents to make lacquers, inks, adhesives and specialty coatings. When mixed with methacrylate monomers, they form pastes and doughs that are used in dentistry and in the field of medicine as bone cements. They are also known and respected globally in the casting, embedment and electronics sectors.