Acrylic Sheet – Perspex®, Lucite® Acrylic, Moden Glas®

Acrylic Sheet

Since the 1930s Lucite International has been manufacturing acrylic sheet, a strong and durable alternative to glass. Our acrylic sheet helps deliver innovative solutions to a whole range of applications, from corporate identity, signage, architectural fixtures and glazing to furniture and interior design the brand continues to inspire the world of design.

Our acrylic sheet is available in cast and extruded sheet and in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, colours and textures. It is 100% recyclable, has outstanding performance characteristics and is easy to shape, fabricate and thermoform. It can be laser cut, saw cut, routered, drilled, cemented, polished, screen printed, engraved and drape formed.

Perspex® acrylic sheet is available within the European and Middle East regions and is perfect material for general purpose use across multiple applications such as corporate branding, signage and point of sale.

Moden Glas acrylic sheet is available within the Asia Pacific region and is perfect material for general purpose use. With excellent resistance to external conditions and 92% light transmission Moden Glas clear acrylic sheet offers better optical clarity than glass.

Lucite® cast acrylic has been used globally for making the very highest quality baths and spas for over 80 years. Baths, shower trays, basins and spas crafted from Lucite® brand acrylic sheet have the ability to offer lifelong luxury.