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Perspex® General Purpose Sheet


In 2009, Perspex® acrylic celebrated 75 years of being a leading material brand. Since it first replaced glass in the 1930s, Perspex® acrylic has been delivering innovative solutions to a whole range of applications globally. From corporate identity, signage, architectural fixtures and glazing to furniture and interior design the brand continues to inspire the world of design.

Perspex® acrylic is available in cast and extruded sheet and in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, colours and textures. It is 100% recyclable, has outstanding performance characteristics and is easy to shape, fabricate and thermoform. It can be laser cut, saw cut, routered, drilled, cemented, polished, screen printed, engraved and drape formed. Perspex® is available in a wide range of standard and bespoke variants that are listed opposite. Click on these live links to find out more.


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