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Perspex(R) Speciality Products



– Perspex(R) Forte

Perspex(R) Forte is a specially enhanced version of Perspex(R) cell cast acrylic sheet developed for extra demanding POS applications requiring a higher degree of chemical resistance.

– Perspex(R) Glow Wire

Perspex(R) Glow Wire is designed for special applications where the product must have both excellent transparency and an increased resistance to fire. One of the key applications is in emergency lighting, where the cast acrylic must achieve 850???C rating to the BS/EN 50107 ‘Glow Wire’ Test.

– Perspex(R) Secret Sign

This specialist product appears black when non-illuminated and white when illuminated from behind. Exceptional UV and weather performance, coupled with durability and easy processability make Perspex(R) Secret Sign ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage and POS applications.

– Perspex(R) UV Absorbing

Perspex(R) VE and VA are all specialist grades of Perspex(R) cast acrylic with UV light absorbing qualities. Perspex(R) VE is available for applications where the minimum transmission of UV light is required, for example in museum casings that must protect delicate artifacts. Perspex(R) VE absorbs 99.99% of all incident UV light below 400nm. Perspex(R) VA has been developed for applications requiring extreme resistance to UV light, for example for glazing applications in tropical regions. It is also suitable for high UV intensity street lighting applications.

Perspex(R) Vision

Perspe(R) Clear Vision is a transparent product gives pinpoint clarity to any image projected onto its surface. When not in use, the screen is clear and completely unobtrusive in its environment, which means that an audience can either look at or through the screen. Screens can be curved or flat, they are lightweight and extremely hard wearing. Perspex(R) Hi Vision offers similar pinpoint clarity and brightness to Perspex(R) Clear Vision but is a smooth opaque sheet. The opaque nature of the screen means that items can be sited behind without being seen.

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