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Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resin

Our branded Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resins are used to produce cold curing mixtures containing ATH fillers that are ideal for casting in simple moulds to create solid surface sheets and shaped articles. Applications include kitchen worktops, solid surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins. UV and colour stability, heat and scratch resistance coupled with relatively low cost casting technology allows for significant design and application freedom.

Lucite® Liquid Acrylic UV Embedment Resin

This MMA based casting resin can be used with a specially developed hardener and exposed to UV fluorescent light under controlled conditions to create a solid with ultra clear qualities. The casting mix is used to manufacture embedments that have exceptional high gloss and clarity, very high surface hardness, outstanding UV stability and resistance to yellowing. It is also ideal for casting in natural (biological) samples that would normally be affected by higher casting temperatures.

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