Technical Services


Technical services



Organized regionally, supporting locally

Our Technical Services (TS) are organized regionally to support products and brands in local markets yet they are part of Lucite International’s global TS network. Our key principle is to protect and grow value for the Company through supporting our customers’ businesses with our knowledge and experience.


Responding today, leading for the future

The knowledge and experience held within our TS network is one of a cornerstone of our success. We promote both reactive and proactive value-adding technical support to existing and new customers. Reactive support includes, but it not restricted to:

  • Processing problem solving
  • Application development
  • SHE, legislative and regulatory advice
  • Complaint investigation
  • General support and product training.

We also take a very proactive approach to support market development and R&D activities where specific customer focus and contact is required.

How we work

We provide technical support direct to customers either via phone, email or visits. All contact is made in conjunction with our commercial teams, although contact is often TS led if the nature of the work is principally technical.

Adding real value

We are very proud to be able to offer tailored, fast, honest and friendly technical advice to customers, who themselves are often under extreme pressure to fulfill their own production or business needs. Responding to, owning and following up on customer issues is something that both new and existing customers value highly. The key to this is simply personal contact and creating strong professional relationships.

More than ‘problem solvers’

In the past TS have mainly reacted to customers’ issues. Over the last 10 years they have become much more proactive in supporting product development using new systems for project management, recording and prioritization. This has resulted in TS now being appreciated as an important extension of our innovation and market development activities, rather than a separate function as it once was.

Building on shared learning

The TS network is committed to continuous learning across the products, brands and markets it supports. This means having regular opportunities to share ideas, learn from issues that arise, gain market development knowledge and a deeper understanding of our customers and their businesses.