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Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resin

Our branded Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resins are used to produce cold curing mixtures containing ATH fillers that are ideal for casting in simple moulds to create solid surface sheets and shaped articles. Applications include kitchen worktops, solid surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins. UV and colour stability, heat and scratch resistance coupled with relatively low cost casting technology allows for significant design and application freedom.


Asterite® is a pre-formulated acrylic-based liquid dispersion, which can be tailored to provide performance characteristics by application. It is designed to cast complex modular shapes easily and has a proven reputation in the sanitary ware sector, where it has been used for more than 25 years to create bathtubs with high surface hardness that are smooth, durable, resistant to scratch and chemical attack and easy to clean. A range of surface textures and colours can be tailored to suit design specifications. Asterite® is also suitable for high-end bathroom floors, where it provides great aesthetics and anti-slip qualities. Asterite® kitchen sink grade provides outstanding toughness and higher impact absorption than competitive materials.


Avron® is a pre-formulated acrylic-base liquid dispersion, which is designed to cast complex shapes easily. It has high surface hardness and is easy to keep clean. It is also extremely durable, resistant to scratch and chemical attack and can be tailored to specification colours and surface effects. Avron® can be matched perfectly to create solid surface worktops with coordinated colour-tone and surface finishes that appear as a seamless single-piece product.


Modar is a unique, modified acrylic liquid resin that cures under ambient temperature. It has excellent bonding properties to acrylic materials using the RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) method, which is suitable for medium scale, per one mould, cost effective production. Modar is used essentially as a backing reinforcement for acrylic bathtubs and shower trays.

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