Specialty Polymers and Resins – Castings & Embedments



Long-term commitment to delivering for our customers

As the world’s leading manufacturer of methyl methacrylate (MMA), we have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality acrylic products backed by technical service and practical support to our customers globally.

Our range of Lucite® acrylic resins, based on our own MMA, has been used by our customers to create beautifully crafted end products with exceptional performance characteristics for decades. Delivering on one of our core promises – to focus on customers and their needs – we are firmly committed to long-term collaboration with our customers so that together we can develop new solutions for the world today.

Engineered to provide exceptional performance

Lucite® acrylic resins are designed to provide optical clarity and purity for thick acrylic castings commonly used in aquarium panels, hypabaric chambers and other applications requiring the best visual and engineered performance. Our Lucite® resins are also used to create embedments for deal gifts and employee recognition awards. The distinctive properties that make castings and embedments made from Lucite unique include:

  • Exceptional gloss
  • Very high surface abrasion resistance and hardness
  • Sparkle
  • Crystal Clarity
  • Outstanding UV light stability
  • Excellent resistance to water and dilute acids
  • Light-weight


High quality Lucite® resins that we can make work for you

Our acrylic resins have a proven track record for long-term performance in use. We can bring our experience and technical know-how together with the flexibility, and high quality performance characteristics of our product range to provide solutions for you. If you would like to know more, contact our technical team at 1-800-4-LUCITE.