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Auto-Polymerising Dental Polymers

We also supply auto-polymerizing materials for denture repairs and relines, with a range of curing options. These provide a tough, durable bond with fast cure times and superb handling qualities.

Colacryl® D1-120

Our standard product used in the UK and US markets for repair. It can be used for relines and additions to existing dentures and has a very fast cure time.

Colacryl® TS2027

Can be used for repairs, relines and additions to existing dentures. It produces a high clarity prosthesis and sets after a short curing cycle.

Colacryl® TS2073

Can be free dosed with no gypsum effect and can be used for repairs, relines and full or partial dentures. It is ready for use immediately after mixing and can be formulated with barbituric acid, rather than the standard amine curing redox system, to prevent yellowing. Heat and cold cure systems are available.

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