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Heat-Cure Denture Polymers

A strong, reliable denture base is essential to support prosthetic teeth. Our range of denture base polymers has been designed to offer excellent handling properties and working time without compromising strength and durability.

With precisely controlled particle size, our PMMA-based acrylic resins offer superior impact resistance, low residual monomer, outstanding aesthetics and no porosity.

Colacryl® D80FC

Our high clarity, porosity free polymer, which can be fast or slow cured. A fine, free-flowing polymer with low residual peroxide.

Colacryl® PD11

Shares the same performance characteristics of D80FC and has both faster dough and longer working times with easy mixing.

Colacryl® TS2082

Allows a longer pour time before doughing, with good clarity and excellent pigment acceptance.

All three polymers can be used with the same dental liquids.

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