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Specialty Glass

Coated glass

These products feature either hard (metal oxide) or soft (metal) coatings, which require tailored interleavants to meet specific performance needs. Our offer includes grades for most specialty types:

  • Colacryl® TS2050

  • Colacryl® TS1894

  • Lucite® 1192

  • Lucite® 48SC

Lamination lines

Colacryl® P2608 is the only product of its type available to the glass industry to replace the use of steel, wood or cork spacing bars in architectural lamination autoclaves. Our product has been tested extensively in autoclaves by Dupont as part of its laminated glass production process using the Butacite® range of PVB interlayers.

Mirror lines

These products require particular care in the selection of an interleavant, which must be acid free. In addition, the paint used on the back of the mirror must be adequately dried or cured before the interleavant polymer is applied, otherwise it will be lost in the coating and hence offer no protection.

Colacryl® DA100P offers the best protection in this application, however, a relatively high dosage compared to a float line is required to ensure that the load is more evenly distributed.