Specialty Polymers and Resins – Medical



Bone cement

Long-term commitment to delivering for the medical profession

Building on the use of our Colacryl® acrylic polymers in the dental market since 1945 and Professor Charnley’s pioneering use of dental polymers to successfully cement and fix hip joints, we became one of the first bespoke suppliers of specialty polymers into the medical sector. Today we continue to grow strong links with academics and health professionals to ensure that our acrylic polymers meet the challenging specification and performance demands of the medical and orthopaedic market globally.

Growing need for body-friendly polymers that are safe and efficient to use

The growing, ageing world population means an increasing range of treatments require the use of biomaterials, or ‘body-friendly’ polymers for orthopaedic joint replacement, vertebroplasty and cranial repair (where there is more than 50 years of clinical history of acrylic polymers being used successfully). It is also evident that both surgical and ‘quality of life’ procedures, linked to increased life expectancy and lifestyle changes, are now performed on a wider age group. To meet these demands, and support surgeons closely in their work, we are constantly evolving the design of our body-friendly Colacryl® polymer range to enhance performance.

Quality assured in all that we do

As a responsible medical component manufacturer, we meet all the rigorous standards of the quality management systems required by the European Medical Devices Directive and are registered to the design standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and the Regulatory Standard EN ISO 13485:2003. Close monitoring and control of particle size, chemical composition and molecular weight, combined with product traceability and compliance to the current REACH legislation are all factors that contribute to the performance success of our polymers.

Talk to us

We recognise that this is a fast changing sector where demands and expectations are very high. If you have a particular challenge, talk to us in confidence and we will use our experience and technical know-how to determine a way forward.