Specialty Polymers and Resins – New Product Development



Specialty applications

Our long experience in the acrylics industry has taught us that our customers can use acrylic polymers in many widely differing application areas, each with its own niche defined by key performance attributes. We are therefore well practiced at satisfying customer needs in highly specialised areas.

Long-term commitment to delivering for our customers

We have a long and proven track record of developing innovative solutions to customers’ application challenges. This experience is built on a strong willingness to proactively engage with customers and to exploit our well-established understanding of how to tailor the design and production of acrylic polymers to satisfy a wide range of performance requirements.

Exploiting the unique properties of specialty acrylic polymers

Acrylic polymers offer a distinctive combination of properties:

  • High gloss and hardness
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent weatherability and UV resistance
  • Water-white color and transparency
  • Excellent resistance to water, dilute acids and alkalis and corrosive and oxidising environments.

They are available in different compositions, functionalities and molecular weights to deliver products that differ widely in hardness, flexibility, solubility, solution viscosity and reactivity. Manufacturing in the form of spherical beads of different particle sizes allows us to vary wetting speed and dissolving time characteristics. Applications where the unique performance characteristics of specialty acrylic polymers may be useful include:

  • Solid surface materials
  • Low profile additives
  • Speciality inks and coatings
  • Casting encapsulation

Quality assured in all that we do

Close monitoring and control of particle size, chemical composition and molecular weight, combined with product traceability and compliance to the current REACH legislation, are all factors that contribute to the performance success of our polymers. We are registered to the design standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental standard ISO 14001:2004.

Talk to us

We recognise that the pace of change is fast and challenges are constantly evolving. If you have a particular requirement, talk to us in confidence and we will bring our experience and technical know-how to determine a way forward.