Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

At Lucite International Product Stewardship is integral to our SHE Management program. It focuses on ensuring that products are handled safely through the supply chain – from manufacture, distribution and storage to end use and disposal. This is achieved through our Product Integrity program and with our partners in transport and distribution.


Product Integrity

Lucite International is committed to ensuring that the products we manufacture are safe for their intended use and registered in accordance with applicable regulations. The Product Integrity program involves ensuring the risks associated with the use of our products are fully understood and that clear advice is given on any appropriate safe handling guidance.


Transport and Distribution

Within our Product Stewardship program, and in line with our commitment to Responsible Care®, Lucite International works with our partners in the supply chain, sharing information and best practices to ensure that products are handled, transported and stored safely and in accordance with local, national and international regulatory requirements.

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